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with AuSIM, Inc.
AuSIM, Inc. is always looking for people with a strong interest and skill-set in the areas of advanced audio research and technology.
Generally, AuSIM is looking for sharp, self-starting individuals, who can learn and develop skills as the task demands. AuSIM is a small company that requires team members, who can both take responsibilities and pitch-in to help others at all levels. Although specific skills and experience will be a huge bonus, AuSIM is looking for people with strong fundamentals and willingness to adapt and learn. AuSIM encourages all members of its team to participate in the ownership and management of the company. AuSIM's core business is manipulating digital audio signals.  Our signal processing algorithms and challenges are some of the most exciting and demanding in the industry.  AuSIM works with some of the world's leading signal processing consultants, yielding excellent opportunities to develop knowledge.  AuSIM's products are multi-threaded, real-time simulation systems, requiring innovative, efficient implementations.  AuSIM is looking for people who are organized, scientific, and creative -- individuals who get a charge out of eking-out higher performance every day will be ideal for this position. 
For additional information, please contact AuSIM Human Resources jobs@ausim3d.com.

Software Intern
Description of Position
AuSIM is reviewing intern candidates for Winter Break or J-Term 2017-2018 (December or January).  Applicable skills to be exercised include engineering (mechanical, electrical, controls, systems integration, human factors), software technology (embedded firmware, host control, user-interface), system training development and administration (PPT, video, assessment), and technical documentation (writing, illustration, image annotation, video, etc.).  AuSIM is seeking candidates with a minimum of three weeks of availability, but will consider candidates with exceptional aptitudes.  Interns will be working directly with AuSIM's director of engineering. 

AuSIM undergraduate interns are offered a stipend to assist with living expenses.  The AuSIM internship program qualifies as an educational program under CA employment law. 

Ideal candidates should be at or near graduate level (undergrad seniors or higher) in engineering, CS, math, physics, psychology, or music technology.  Basic programming skills in at least one high-level language such as C/C++, MATLAB, Max/MSP, Java, XML, HTML4, or Labview are required.  Candidate should have academic software development experience.  Personal or employment programming experience is a bonus for candidacy.  Advanced programming skills or interest in complex or low-level issues will be especially considered.  Interests in acoustics, psychoacoustics, digital signal processing, and sensor/activator systems are essential.   Any skills listed in the developer skills list will be a bonus. 
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