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Audio simulation is the aural parallel to its more broadly recognized sister technology, visual simulation.  While visual simulation relies heavily upon computer graphics, audio simulation is typically implemented with digital signal processing.  Both technologies are about synthesizing and presenting images representing objects or events that may not have physically existed.  In the case of a driving simulator, the simulation system presents visual images of the road, scenery, and other vehicles as they would be seen by a driver.
To test the true reaction of a driver to presented situations, the system also should present sounds that occur at the right moment, from the right direction, at the right distance, with the right transient characteristics, and with the right acoustics so that the driver can recognize the event.  AuSIM specializes in audio simulation requiring instantaneous changes in the sound presentation such as a vehicle streaking by the listener. 

Applications for audio simulation extend far beyond accompanying visual simulation, however.  The sound produced by audio simulation is far more real than any conventional sound production method, preserving the human's ability to distinguish simultaneous sounds.  Mission-critical applications thus not only include training simulations, but also any situation where an operator/listener must monitor multiple channels.
While audio simulation technology has been called "3D sound", this same title has been applied to spatialized or surround sound, which are simpler technologies attempting to leverage traditional sound production techniques.  Spatialized or surround sound are great for creating a threat re effect in one's living room, but they do not help distinguish multiple alarms in a nuclear power plant control room.  AuSIM's interactive audio simulation, on the other hand, can give a fighter pilot a natural pin-point direction of threat from an approaching enemy. 

AuSIM's solutions apply to military, industrial, telecom, and academic research projects, reviving and extending the pioneering work of Crystal River Engineering, who brought interactivity to audio simulation.  Unlike CRE, AuSIM's approach is market driven and focused on delivering solutions.  AuSIM offers products, licenses, and service to implement solutions.  AuSIM promises to advance the highest level of audio simulation and positional 3D audio technology, and provide solutions for high-end simulation, research, and mission-critical applications. 
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