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AuSIM Team Loft
Shared Collaboration Space
Overlooking the high-bay project space in AuSIM's Pear Avenue Mountain View facility is a 200 square foot loft space, dedicated for software team work.  When the space is not in use by AuSIM team projects, the loft space and additional shared space is available for sublet by small software groups.  This webpage provides the details for potential sub-tenants.

The sublet is ideal for a start-up software team that wants to defer significant infrastructure costs and longer-term lease commitments. 

The loft sublet is technically a "share".  While the loft space is delineated separate and exclusive to the sub-tenant, it is not isolated, separately secured, or acoustically insulated.  The sub-tenant must be amenable to the responsibility of sharing resources with AuSIM and other subtenants. 

The exclusive loft space has a carpeted area of 15' x 13' with 11' ceiling, is accessed via one full-flight of stairs up from the ground floor with no handicap access (no elevator), and is bounded by railings on three sides and a wall on the other.  The loft features two extra-large white-boards, two dedicated electrical circuits, adjustable LED lighting, dedicated and dampered HVAC line, and a six-loudspeaker array hanging at 8 feet. 

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Communal Spaces
The following spaces are democratically shared among all tenants of the suite:

  • Bathroom (11' x 5')
  • Flexspace project-area under the loft (30' x 15')
    may be used on a daily/weekly reservation basis
  • Conference room (11' x 10')
    may be used on an hourly reservation basis
The total of available shared space is nearly 600 sqft.
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The following amenities are included:

  • Internet Service
    Basic fire-walled share is included
    Dedicated streaming or static IP will be extra
  • Electrical/Gas Service (heating and AC)
    Basic share is included.  Industrial 220 VAC or 208 VAC available. 
    Significant always-on equipment or significant-draw equipment would be based on a surcharge from the baseline cost
  • Security
    Basic passive video surveillance coverage is included
    Keycards or active alarm service is additional
  • Furniture to suit
    Current configuration:
    • 3 corner desks
    • 3 straight desks
    • drawer units
    • white boards
    • desk chairs
    • leather sofa
    Additional/alternative desks, side chairs, stackable chairs, folding tables, relaxing chairs are available. 
  • Refrigerator
    May be shared or dedicated
  • Microwave
    May be shared or dedicated
  • Regular UPS and FedEx service
  • Shared printing, scanning, and copying
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The following amenities are negotiable:
  • Janitorial Service
  • Water service
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