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CalVal Scheme
Calibration and Validation Process and Software Structure
AuSIM's CalVal software automates the calibration and subsequent validation of existing calibrations for multi-node loudspeaker and microphone systems.  Calibrations of arrayed transducers can be tedious, very time consuming, and often require additional instrumentation which must be removed for system use.  CalVal not only calibrates the system, but provides a validation procedure to ensure the transducer array remains in calibration over time. 
CalVal Scheme CalVal Wizard CalVal Loudspeaker Check CalVal Microphone Calibration CalVal System RT60 and SNR CalVal Loudspeaker Calibration CalVal Loudspeaker Absolute Level Reference Table CalVal Capture Signature CalVal Validate to Signature CalVal Endpoint Select Loudspeaker CalVal Endpoint Select Microphone CalVal Endpoint Route Loudspeaker CalVal Endpoint Route Microphone CalVal Loudspeaker Type Definition CalVal Loudspeaker Cross Over
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