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AuSIM aTShooter
Wireless Tracked Laser Gun
The AuSIM aTShooter is a precision laser pistol featuring wireless orientation tracking and button control.  The aTShooter features interial-magnetic orientation tracking, relayed to host in real-time over a 2.4GHz RF link.  The pistol extends to 6DOF position/orientation tracking through the addition of an addressable optical sight extension. 

aTShooter is shown configured to resemble a semi-automatic firearm as requested by military research applications.  It can be delivered in alternative looks with a similar basic form-factor. 

The laser is not high-power.  It is designed to paint a harmless dot on interior walls.  Barrel sight lights to indicate laser is on. 

The RF host-side transceiver is a USB dongle and installs without drivers in all current Microsoft operating systems. 

Laser Power: Class IIIA, <5 mW
Laser Color: red 630-680 nm
Laser operation: momentary or continuous
Buttons: 4 momentary
Tracking: 3DOF orientation with inertial-magnetic sensing
Option: 6DOF position/orientation with optical IR sensing
Battery: Lithium-ion, 12 hours continous operation
Host Communication: proprietary 2.4GHz RF

Additional specifications shall be forth-coming ...
Software Support
AuSIM's AuTrak software supports the 3DOF orientation tracker as a Freespace device and supports the 6DOF optical tracker as an Optitrack device.  The aTShooter can be used a computer pointing device when not engaged by AuTrak software. 

Charging Options
Each pistol ships with a single product charging power supply.  An optional cradle serving four pistols keeps them conveniently ready to use.  The aTShooter is operational when being powered/charged. 

3DOF Basic Product
The basic aTShooter includes an inertial orientation tracker. 


6DOF Extended Product
The optional optical sight, which easily mounts and unmounts, provides addressable tracking for up to four distinct laser guns in a shared tracking space. 



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