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AuSIM Voice Communications Systems
Localizing Voices Virtually Around Listeners
for Natural Group Interactions
The human auditory perception system is amazing how it can sort out a noisy restaurant full of sound, and allow the hearer to "tune-in" to a specific conversation.  Only audio simulation enables that perception when signals do not arrive physically through the air.  Hence voice communications need optimally designed solutions.
MVP Series
The "Multi-Voice Presence" (MVP) series focuses on team communications. Firefighters, military special-ops, plumbers, and football coaches all use team communication systems. These systems are "closed" in that the signals do not leave the system, and the entire system is usually provided by one proprietary vendor. AuSIM MVP Series systems provide complete communications or interface with existing legacy equipment form a complete system. ... LEARN MORE
AuSIM 3DVx Voice Comm System 3DVx™
An evolving platform to provide 3D (positional) audio to active workers and equipment operators in a great variety of pursuits.  Based on AuSIM's AuSIM3D® technology, the 3DVx™, short for “3D Vox” (vox is Latin for voice), provides the wearer with multiple voices in full duplex along with advanced aural information display capability ... LEARN MORE
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