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Application Questions
What general classes of application can benefit from AuSIM3D®? Anyone who depends on headphones to perform their jobs can benefit from use of our technology, to increase the quality and quantity of information at their disposal. Mission-critical and entertainment applications alike can benefit from AuSIM3D®.

AuSIM3D® has proven to increase situational awareness and information transmission and perception in users. Overall operational performance is improved in a wide variety of applications from communications to cockpit information displays.

Walking a fine line between entertainment and mission-critical applications, virtual reality simulation-based training is improved by providing more realistic sound. This enables participants to train faster and with better experience and more natural reactions.
Any applications in the entertainment industry itself? Pure entertainment applications such as interactive music or multimedia installations can benefit from an unmatched level of audio interactivity. Since AuSIM3D® alleviates the problem of the “frozen perspective,” a dynamic aural perspective is delivered that enables Spatial Sight to Sound Correlation™, exactly the technology sought after in any interactive entertainment application with sight and sound.
Can you describe some specific examples?
  • The United States Navy is currently working with us to design advanced multi-media 3D-audio-based communications centers for their ships ... LEARN MORE
  • The soldiers of the future will be closely linked through sophisticated communications. By using GPS and AuSIM’s positional audio, each team member will know the location of the others by hearing alone ... LEARN MORE
  • Other branches of the U. S. armed forces are also interested in incorporating similar systems into their own domains.
  • Telecommunications companies are interested in using our technology to create advanced teleconferencing capabilities.
  • Architects will be able to use our technology to experience the acoustic characteristics of structures they design with 3D CAD before anything physical is built.
  • Professional audio engineers will be able to incorporate our technology into their studio setup to expand their mixing capabilities. 
  • Researchers want to use our technology to test the effects of various sounds in different acoustic environments on human subjects.
  • Hearing enhancement devices, such as hearing aids, could be enhanced to provide a more realistic experience for wearers.
  • AuSIM3D® technology is the perfect tool for music laboratories to study the effects of instrument placement and music theory.
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