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Answers to frequently asked questions about AuSIM and its products, audio simulation technology, and much more.
This FAQ is organized as five sections:
Audio Technology Facts about audio simulation, tracking, and individual hearing
Application Questions Applications appropriate for AuSIM technology
Product Questions Questions specific to AuSIM3D® and other AuSIM products
Engineering Issues Technical questions about product capabilities and characteristics
AuSIM Company Questions Who and what is AuSIM, and how to get more information
The science and practice of audio is an extremely complex area of study; an area which is evolving continually.  AuSIM is dedicated to providing the latest information on advances in this area, along with answering questions about the specifications and applications of our audio simulation products.

This is an evolving document, so if you don't see the answer(s) you need, please contact our service or sales group. Your questions, along with the answers, may wind up in this FAQ. In addition, if you have questions, concerns, or disagreements with these questions and answers, please contact us.
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