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First Decade History
AuSIM spun out of Aureal in 1998 embarking on its first decade of developing interactive, real-time audio simulation solutions to mission­critical applications.   The chronology of major milestones, events, and prominent customers is outlined below. 

1998 SPAWAR Multi-Modal Watch-Station
The US Navy's SPAWAR San Diego group bought the first CRE Convolvotron in 1989 to perform task-based psycho-acoustic research and prove synthetic 3D audio has a place in mission-critical operations.  Five years of experiments and reports to the Pentagon resulted in the funding of a demonstration advanced-technology watchstation command center featuring 3D audio to reduce manning requirements for ship and fire control.  The DD-X (2000 Destroyer) project funded this demonstrator in 1995.  Lockheed-Martin won the subcontract to provide the 3D audio and was allocated $1M to deliver.  By 1998, LMC had no postive progress and the money was spent.  SPAWAR approached Mr. Chapin for a proposal and AuSIM was founded, initially as a sole-proprietorship AuSIM Engineering Solutions

By Sept 2000, AuSIM finalized a fully functional system to SPAWAR-SD, and a second system to NSWC-Dahlgren by Mar 2001. 

The AuSIM GoldMiner and MVP products resulted from this effort.   

1999 AuSIM Incorporation
By early 1999, the original concept of AuSIM Engineering Solution licensing its technology to an OEM for manufacturing and sales was lost in the Internet "Bubble".  A new approach with productization, marketing, sales, and a real organization was required, leading directly to AuSIM's incorporation and capitalization.   

1999 AuSIM GoldServer

2000 HeadZap
In 2000, AuSIM was joined by Dr. Agnieszka Roginska from Northwestern University (now a professor at NYU).  Working closely with Mr. Chapin's experience with CRE's Snapshot HRTF measurement system, and with NASA Ames's Beth Wenzel and Durand Begault, a new system called HeadZap was designed and developed.   

2000 InTheMix
InTheMix was an interactive, immersive musical technology demonstration.  ...  LEARN MORE  

2001 WaveDance
Denver-based Tekquity Ventures approached AuSIM to be its technology partner to create media production tools supporting dynamic 3D audio.  In February 2001, AuSIM signed a $27M licensing and development agreement and commenced building a studio and studio tools.  AuSIM made the first three development milestones in advance of deadline and exceeding the feature development plan.  However, Tekquity failed to make its third payment, defaulting on the contract. 

The WaveDance product was manifested as a digital audio workstation (DAW) plugin which communicated with AuSIM GoldSeries auralization servers.  DigiDesign's ProTools and Cakewalk's Sonar recording tools were supported. 

The creation of AuSIM Satellite Studios in Scotts Valley, CA resulted from this venture.  Despite the failure of WaveDance, AuSIM continued to operate Satellite Studios as a media production studio through 2004.   

2002 AuSIM reCREate

2002 Transparent Hearing
As part of the US Army's advancement of the Land Warrior project leading to Objective Force Warrior, AuSIM was awarded a contract to research and develop natural hearing, transparent through hearing protection and headgear.  Referred to as "Natural Hearing Restoration" by some groups, the "Transparent Hearing" project was a collaboration with Sensimetrics in Boston, MA.   


2003 RollingNugget

2004 3DVx

2004 Biologically-inspired Acoustic Source Localizaton


2005 3DVx-W

2005 AMMAR


2006 Vectsonic


2007 Sonar Displays


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