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Press Release: November 2002
AuSIM GoldSeries audio simulation servers
will now ship with a head-position tracker ...

For more information, please contact:

AuSIM, Inc
William L. Chapin
+1 (650) 322-8746

InterSense, Inc.
Dean Wormell
+1 (781) 270-0090

InterSense Head-tracking Technology added to AuSIM Audio
Simulation Systems for Research and Development

The Inclusion of Trackers Creates Fully Turnkey Simulation

Mountain View, California Ė November 27, 2002

AuSIM announced today the enhancement of its family of GoldSeriestm audio simulation systems with the addition of head-orientation trackers from InterSense.  AuSIM selected InterSense as its standard provider of head-orientation trackers based on the quality and innovation of the products and their applicability to a wide variety of customer requirements.

AuSIMís audio servers synthesize a sound space in a completely natural and realistic way, using physical modeling and empirical data.  Trackers are instruments that sense the motion and orientation of the userís head.  Motion tracking facilitates the interaction between the listener and the simulated audio environment by controlling the relative position of sound in the listenerís headphones.

"Head-motion is a principal method for listeners to naturally discriminate sound.  InterSense's products provide our systems with stable, sourceless, and real-time orientation data," according to William L. Chapin, President of AuSIM.  "This data is critical for our AuSIM3Dô engine, which is optimized to react to listener movement.  The inclusion of the tracker makes our GoldSeries servers truly 'turn-key' solutions."

InterSenseís InertiaCube2 tracker, which provides three degrees of freedom tracking (3-DOF) will become part of AuSIM's GoldMinertm and RollingNuggettm development systems.  InterSense's InterTrax2 will round out the reCREatetm system, a direct replacement for older Crystal River Engineering Acoustetron II systems.

"AuSIM has integrated InterSenseís standard tracker libraries into their 3D Audio product offering, providing native support for our full tracking product line," states Dean Wormell, Manager of Strategic Partnerships for InterSense.  "The joint product offering from AuSIM is initially bundled with our 3-DOF products, but can also configured to work with our 6-DOF product line for additional applications in simulation, training and mobile field operations."

Demonstrations of AuSIMís portable RollingNugget system will be shown in the InterSense booth (# 984) at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference in the Orlando County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, from December 2-5, 2002.

About AuSIM, Incorporated

AuSIM, Inc., founded in 1998 and located in Mountain View, California, is a leading developer and provider of audio simulation, positional (3D) sound, and audio measurement solutions that enhance sound perception.  Working closely with government, university, and corporate research laboratories, AuSIM provides the latest aural technology to customers requiring precise sound simulation.  AuSIM's high performance audio servers support industry-leading operating systems, including versions of Windows, Linux, and Unix.  For more information, please contact AuSIM telephone: (650) 32AuSIM (322-8746), or via email: info@ausim3d.com.  AuSIM's website is http://audiosimulation.com/.

About InterSense Inc.

InterSense, Inc., founded in 1996 and based in Burlington, Massachusetts is a market leader in precision motion tracking technology that enables computers to "see and understand" motion in 3D space. By delivering the industry's best combination of precision and performance, InterSense's motion tracking systems have become widely used in a variety of applications, including robotics and autonomous vehicles, virtual prototyping and design, simulation and training, virtual film/video production, and medical imaging.  Privately held, InterSense has received numerous awards for its technology, including a Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering Technology Award and a Computer Graphics World Innovation Award.  InterSense is headquartered at 1 North Ave., Burlington, MA 01803.  Telephone: 781-270-0090. Fax: 781-229-8995.  Email: .  InterSense's website is http://www.isense.com/.

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