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Jul 1, 2011, Pear Avenue, Mtn. View, CA -- AuSIM consolidates to a new facility on the Google campus at 1220 Pear Avenue, Suite D in Mountain View.  This move constitutes no affiliation with Google beyond the tenant/landlord relationship.  All operations are now in one location.  ...  LEARN MORE  DIRECTIONS
May, 2011, Vectsonic in the Press, Rolla, MO -- AuSIM's Vectsonic 3D loudspeaker array technology is featured in several articles about the Missouri University of Science & Technology installation.  ...  LEARN MORE  AP  TECHCRUNCH  WIRED 
Feb 17, 2011, aTShooter, Mtn. View, CA -- AuSIM announces support for both Hillcrest's Freespace inertial trackers and Natural Point's Optitrack optical IR trackers, and further the hybrid integration of the two technologies, with the release of its wireless tracked laser pointer product "aTShooter".  ...  LEARN MORE
Nov 12, 2010, MS&T Vectsonic Training Simulator, Rolla, MO -- AuSIM's Vectsonic 3D loudspeaker array system is the cornerstone for the 64-node immersive training simulator at the Missouri University of Science & Technology.  ...  LEARN MORE MST RELEASE
Aug 4, 2010, Hybrid-Technology High-Efficiency HRTF Processing, Palo Alto, CA -- AuSIM completes a NASA Langley SBIR Phase II contract entitled "Improving Binaural Simulation of Structural Acoustics", in collaboration with Prof Marty Johnson at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute.  The NASA grant enabled AuSIM's "SPEWFN" project, an acronym for "Singular-value decomposition, Principal components analysis, Equivalent source reduction, Wavetracing, Finite-element method, and Networked parallel computing", which comprise the technologies integrated by the project.  ...
Apr 1, 2010, Environment for Auditory Research Completion, Aberdeen, MD -- AuSIM completes the system installation for the US Army Research Laboratory's world-class EAR auditory perception research facility.  ...
Feb 5, 2010, PromptResponse, Palo Alto, CA -- AuSIM announces the release 1 of its new PromptResponse software for human subject researchers.  ...  LEARN MORE
Oct 13, 2009, NASA LaRC EER Ribbon Cutting, Hampton, VA -- AuSIM's Vectsonic 3D loudspeaker array is the centerpiece of freshly refurbished Exterior Effects Room at NASA Langley Research Center.  The EER auditorium now boasts a 3D stereovision front screen and full 3D immersive audio.  The sound system is capable of displaying realistic simulations of aircraft flyovers at any ground position for a wide variety of aircraft, including rotocraft hovers and landings.  ...  LEARN MORE
Summer, 2009, CalVal Calibration and Validation System, Palo Alto, CA -- AuSIM announces the first release of "CalVal", its automated software for calibrating multi-node loudspeaker and microphone systems.  ...  LEARN MORE
Dec 1, 2008, Acoustic Measurement Microphone Array and Robot (AMMAR) , Montreal, Canada -- AuSIM delivers the innovative Acoustic Measurement Microphone Array and Robot (AMMAR) to McGill University's Music Technology Program.  The appartus consists of 72 microphone elements (64 on a semi-circular arc and 8 on a positioning hand) and 3-axis of remote-controllable positioning.  ...  LEARN MORE
Jun 4, 2007, Advanced Sonar Watchstation, Washington, DC -- AuSIM receives notice of award from Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab to be the 3D audio technology supplier for a project developing an new sonar watchstation with enhanced situational awareness performance. ...  LEARN MORE 
Apr 25, 2007, Environment for Auditory Research, Aberdeen, MD -- AuSIM is subcontracted by Signal Perfection Labs (SPL) to develop all software for the US Army Research Laboratory's world-class auditory perception research facility. ...
Mar 15, 2007, AES 30th Conference , Saariselkä, Finland -- AuSIM demonstrates its "TopHat" baffled microphone array at the 30th International Conference of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) on Intelligent Audio Environments.  TopHat employs 8 microphones around a human-head-sized baffle for finding a bearing to as many as four distinct sounds in an environment .  ...  POSTER  PAPER
Dec 15, 2006, AuSIM3D® Vectsonic, Palo Alto, CA -- AuSIM announces the first release of "AuSIM3D Vectsonic", its 3D loudspeaker display technology for displaying simulated sound generated by .  ...  LEARN MORE
Sep 11, 2006, Sennheiser IP Sale, Hannover, Germany -- AuSIM announces the sale of select key technology intellectual properties, including AuSIM3D® to Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG in Hannover, Germany.  ...  LEARN MORE
May 21, 2006, 3DVx Wearables to Human Systems, Guelph, Ontario -- AuSIM delivers the new 3DVx-Wearable and 3Dvx-Command systems to Human Systems in support of the Canadian DRDC's Soldier Integrated Headwear System (SIHS) program.  ...  LEARN MORE
Jan 16, 2006, Loudspeaker Display for Exterior Effects Room, Hampton, VA -- AuSIM agrees to lead the design and development of a new loudspeaker-based sound display system as part of the refurbishment of the Exterior Effects Room (EER) at NASA Langley Research Center.  The new loudspeaker display will complement AuSIM's real-time audio simulation engine AuSIM3D® and the existing binaural headphone display technology.  ...  LEARN MORE
Jan 1, 2006, Palo Alto Development Office, Palo Alto, CA -- AuSIM announces the grand-opening of its new development office in Palo Alto, strategically-colocated with Sennheiser's new North American research laboratory.  ...  LEARN MORE
Nov 28, 2005, Strategic Partnership with Sennheiser electronic, Mtn. View, CA -- AuSIM enters into a strategic development agreement with Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG of Hannover, Germany, the world-wide leader in high-quality audio transducer products.  ...  LEARN MORE
Jul 25, 2005, Musical Instrument Acoustic Measurement System , Montreal, Canada -- AuSIM receives a contract award from McGill University's Music Technology Program to develop an innovative system to measure the acoustic radiation pattern from musical instruments.  The proposed innovation includes more than 64 microphone transducers and robotically-controlled motion for the instrument performer and the mic array.  ...  LEARN MORE
Jul 1, 2005, STTR Phase II Award, Santa Clara, CA -- AuSIM announces the award of a Phase II STTR contract from the US Army Research Office, for a project entitled "Biologically-inspired Acoustic Source Localization (BASL) partnered with research engineers from Virginia Tech University.  ...  LEARN MORE
Dec 6-9, 2004,  I/ITSEC 2004 , Orlando, FL -- AuSIM presented new technology at I/ITSEC for the fifth consecutive year.  AuSIM partnered with Information In Place, Inc. (IIPI), a Mixed and Augmented Reality (AR) research firm from Bloomington, Indiana, and with Sennheiser Government Systems (SGS), an audio solutions supplier for government projects from Old Lyme, CT.  Demonstrations included ... LEARN MORE
Aug 1, 2004, Santa Clara, CA -- AuSIM opens a new office headquarters in Santa Clara, strategically partnered with the Girvan Institute.  ...  LEARN MORE
Jul 15, 2004, Mtn. View, CA -- AuSIM has been awarded a new 6-month Phase I research contract with the US Army Research Office under their STTR program, set up to facilitate the transfer of technology from university research groups to small firms in the private sector. ...  LEARN MORE
Mar 1, 2004, Mtn. View, CA -- AuSIM is pleased to announce the release of a new product line of personal communications equipment which will be called 3DVXtm.  This is the first AuSIM audio spatialization system that has been miniaturized for portability and wearability, with an interface designed for use for team communications. ...  LEARN MORE
Oct 1, 2003, Mtn. View, CA -- AuSIM has been awarded a new 2-year research and development contract with the NASA Langley under their SBIR program, set up to foster small businesses who conduct innovative research.  AuSIM will be working with Virginia Tech university to develop more efficient strategies for performing binaural simulation of acoustically disturbed surface structures.  ...  LEARN MORE
Nov 28, 2002, Mtn. View, CA -- AuSIM today announced that starting immediately, all AuSIM GoldSeries audio simulation servers will ship with a head-position tracker.  "The inclusion of the tracker makes the GoldSeries a truly ´turn-key´ solution for the developer and researcher in audio science." according to William L. Chapin, President of AuSIM ... LEARN MORE
Summer 2002, Mtn. View, CA -- AuSIM has completed communication system installation in the US Navy´s ICE Lab, at Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Virginia. This new, ultra-low latency Multi-Voice Presence system is the showcase for advanced 21st century communications. Recently upgraded to include new head-tracking devices for dynamic-perspective 3D audio; improving overall spatial perception and tuning.
Summer 2002 Newsletter ... LEARN MORE
Mar/Apr 2002, Mtn. View, CA -- AuSIM publishes a two-part series of articles titled 3D Audio Relieves Military Information Overload in COTS Journal.  COTS Journal is the primary source for information on established and emerging standards, applications and technologies in key embedded computer markets.  To read these articles ... LEARN MORE
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