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Press Release: March 2004
AuSIM announces new line of personal communications ...

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March 1, 2004, Mt. View, CA -- AuSIM is pleased to announce the release of a new product line of personal communications equipment which will be called 3DVX.  This is the first AuSIM audio spatialization system that has been miniaturized for portability and wearability, with an interface designed for use for team communications.  Demonstration/prototype unit come equipped with both live communications capability along with pre-recorded scenarios to provide examples of potential scenarios in which the system could be used.  Based on AuSIM’s AuSIM3D® technology, 3DVX provides the wearer with multiple discrete voices in full duplex along with advanced aural information display capability. 

3DVX combines a digital audio processing unit and professional grade analog-digital interface with a network and a tracked headset to present the wearer with voices and audio icons which maintain 3D spatial relationships regardless of the location or orientation of the listener.  In addition to providing listeners with inherent location information of sounds and voices, the positioning of sounds in a 3D space enhances listeners’ situational awareness, and enables them to perceive multiple sources concurrently – helping them direct their attention to any presented audio stream. 

Through the use of sophisticated algorithms and efficient signal processing, coupled with significant computing power, multiple discrete sound sources can be projected in in space around a headphone-wearing listener.  3DVX combines this capability with a communications channel and position/orientation sensing devices (GPS, position trackers, etc.).  The resulting system allows a user to maintain contact with other team members while hearing their voices in space from the direction they are physically located. Additional information (“icons”) can also be placed in the listener’s aural world to get his/her attention.  Using a local network, units share position, orientation, voice, and synchronization.  ...  LEARN MORE

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