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Press Release: April 2007
AuSIM to Design World-Class Auditory Research Facility ...

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William L. Chapin
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April 25, 2007, Aberdeen, MD  -- AuSIM is subcontracted by Signal Perfection Labs (SPL) to develop all software for the US Army Research Laboratory's world-class auditory perception research facility called the Environment for Auditory Research (EAR)

The facility features five research spaces, totalling over 700 audio endpoints and over 550 loudspeakers.  Each research space can be driven by as many as 64 independent channels routed to any loudspeaker in the space.  256 independent signals can be simultaneously driven to all loudspeakers. 

See the April 2010 press release for the completion details. 

The July 2009 issue of Acoustics Today featured the EAR facility on its cover with an 8-page detailed article.  The 15.9MB article can be downloaded from the following URL. 



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