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Press Release: December 2008
AuSIM delivers AMMAR to McGill ...

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December 1, 2008, Montreal, Canada  -- AuSIM delivers the innovative Acoustic Measurement Microphone Array and Robot (AMMAR) to McGill University's Music Technology Program.  The device is designed to capture the propagation of sound away from a musical instrument in all directions.  The instrument can be excited by either a human standing on the stage or by an appropriate mechanism (i.e. air-pressure source).  The instrument is rotated over time and the full-sphere is captured.  The appartus consists of 72 microphone elements (64 on a semi-circular arc and 8 on a positioning hand) and 3-axis of remote-controllable positioning. 

The robotic system was designed, developed, and delivered by Cito Systems.

Depicts early design AMMAR with eight 8-element arrays mounted and robotic turn-table, but without showing robot arm. Depicts final design AMMAR with robotic arm and hand with 8-element array, but without semi-circular microphone arrays mounted.

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