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Press Release: October 2009
AuSIM cuts ribbon on NASA LaRC Exterior Effects Room ...

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October 13, 2009, Hampton, VA  -- AuSIM participates in the ribbon-cutting reopening the Exterior Effects Room at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC), signaling the end of a 3 year project to update a world-class auralization facility.  The Exterior Effects Room ("EER" as it commonly called) is a 39-seat auditorium specifically designed to display the sound of aircraft as heard outside of aircraft.  The auditorium is a featured facility of the structural acoustics branch at LaRC. 

Bill Chapin of AuSIM, Jeff Fink of AVI-SPL, Steve Rizzi of NASA, and Cam Lucas of ROME
13 Oct 2011 Reopening of the Exterior Effects Room

The auditorium, originally built in the 1960's, previously featured ten 3-way loudspeakers with 12" low-frequency drivers, two in front, six overhead, and two in the rear.  It was theoretically capable of displaying a fly-over via panning along the front-back room axis.  But in historical practice for most experiments carried-out in the facility, the same signals were driven to all loudspeakers, creating a non-directional effect. 

The driving goal for the updated auditorium is to reproduce a fly-over or flight path which is indistinguishable from that in the original recording position.  Recent research and development at LaRC has developed synthesized simulations of flight sound propagations for various flight paths and aircraft, both existing and future.  The auditorium enables these simulations to be effectively presented to audiences for evaluation and discussion.  The EER auditorium now features 3D stereovision front screen, full 3D immersive audio, interactive laser pointing, Blu-Ray, and support for all surround formats including 5.1, 7.1, and 10.2 .  The sound system is capable of displaying realistic simulations of aircraft flyovers at any ground position for a wide variety of aircraft, including rotocraft hovers and landings. 

AuSIM's Vectsonic 3D loudspeaker array is the centerpiece of freshly refurbished EER auditorium.  The EER Vectsonic system consists of 27 Klein & Hummel O300 sealed 3-way satellite loudspeakers and 4 Klein & Hummel O900 subwoofers.  The satellites are sealed 3-way reference monitors with 8" woofers, self-powered with tri-amplifiers at 435 Watts.  The subwoofers are ported dual 12" drivers, powered by PowerSoft DIGAM K8 amplifiers at 1500 Watts per channel.  The frequency response of the system is 15 Hz to 24 kHz, delivering at least 90 dB SPL from any single satellite to the listening position across all frequencies. 

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