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AuProbe Emitter
Point-Source Emitter for Acoustic Propagation Measurements
The AuSIM AuProbe Emitter is a "loudspeaker" designed to address a very specific need: a loudspeaker capable of a flat response down to 250 Hz but with point-source (far-field) characteristics as close as 1 meter. 
Point Source Characteristic

Far-Field Characteristic

The AuProbe Emitter was specifically developed for AuSIM's HeadZap, a tool for geometrically sampling Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF's).  Most HRTF's are captured in a large anechoic chamber, which can afford a 2-meter distance between subject and loudspeaker.  AuSIM's HeadZap, which was derived from Crystal River Engineering's Snapshot, was specifically designed to be used in more common facilities, such as conference rooms, which have echoic acoustic signatures.  HeadZap relies on being about to window a response in time before the first signal reflection arrives.  To do so, the last sample of the direct response must be captured significantly before the first sample of the earliest reflection for all emission and subject positions.  Emitters with short-range point-source characteristics allow the direct path radius to be relatively short and thus be enough earlier than the reflection. 

Max Power Input
Max Sound Pressure Level
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