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Motion/Position Tracking Data Access for MATLAB®
AuTrakMatlab is a collection of m-files which leverage a dynamic-link library (DLL) interfacing any 6DOF tracker with the Matlabtm mathematical environment.  Not only can realtime data be sampled from within Matlab, but a Matlab user has complete interactive control of the instrument.  Command line tools as well as a graphical user interface are provided.  

Additionally, a GUI tool is provided to visualize realtime tracking data in 3D graphics within a Matlab graph.  AuTrakMatlab directly supports synchronous and asynchronous tracking through AuTrakASync.

AuTrakMatlab is supported by Matlab 5 through Matlab 7.5 (R2007b).  Matlab 4 was formerly supported using the Win16 Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and the AuTrakApptm DDE server from the AuTrak32 component, but is no longer supported. 

AuTrakMatlab includes AuTrakASync Lite, but can be purchased bundled with AuTrakASynctm, as an upgrade, or as an independent component.

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