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Software Solutions
AuSIM3D®, Tracking, Audio Streaming, and Research Applications
AuSIM is a technology company where the technology manifests itself in software.  AuSIM has some of the brightest software developers in Silicon Valley.   AuSIM software is light-weight, extremely efficient, and very high-performance.  Since humans are in the middle of all AuSIM technology experiences, AuSIM optimizes for perceptual-based design, usability, and the lowest latency anywhere. 
AuSIM3D® Software
AuSIM3D® is the centerpiece of what AuSIM is all about: audio simulation.   AuSIM3D® software is readily available pre-installed on AuSIM hardware.   Licensing is available for any platform.
  • AuSIM3D® Engine
    The engine processes audio signals as directed by controls from a client application
  • AuSIM GoldServ
    The GoldServ is a service that flexibly connects clients from almost any location to an AuSIM3D engine
Advanced User AuSIM3D® Upgrade Packages
  • Advanced Signal Package
  • Event-List Module
  • Advanced Propagation Model
  • Open-Kernel Architecture
CRE_TRON 3D Audio Applications
3D audio, audio simulation, aural display, and communication applications can be built using the CRE_TRON API, which controls the AuSIM3Dtm engine.   The AuSIM Client Development Kit is the easiest way to create a wide variety of effects and applications, and includes a variety of programming examples: OrbitDemo, PanDemo, ConesOfConfusion, MultiFileClient, TACOM Demo.   The following software applications are available from AuSIM:
  • DlgWnd Client Applets
    • Nordjorvik
    • Rendograph
    • GoldTools
    • Ralph
    • GoldLaunch
    • Theodolite
  • OpenGL Clients
    • Glissader
    • ClientReflect
  • Source Code Clients
    • Wilkinsequi
    • Spherical Render
    • MultiFileClient
Application samples
Nordjorvik Control Screen Nordjorvik: robust motion simulator which can manipulate a variety of pre-recorded sequences in 3D space Ralph: a player for pre-programmed audio sequences
Rendograph: view and control sound sources in the spherical audio world in 2D
  • Audio Processing Utilities
    • MatrixMix
    • MultiChannelPlayer
    • MultiChannelTools
AHM File-Format
AuSIM publishes the AHM File-Format specification, source-code, and tools openly to promote sharing audio processing filter arrays, primarily HRTF datasets.  
Applets, Toolboxes, and Interfaces
for The Mathworks' MATLAB

To support the wide variety of research and scientific uses of 3D audio, AuSIM has developed extensive software support integrating with the MATLAB® mathematical computing environment by The Mathworks.  Software tools include interfaces to AuSIM3D®, toolboxes for maninpulating filters, filter maps, and filter arrays, human-subject experiment support, interfaces to AuTrak™, and many more. 
AuTrak™ Tracking Software
AuSIM's tracking software products are collectively a suite of six-degree-of-freedom (6D) position tracking components called AuTrak™.  AuTrak™ offers a single-source development solution to very high-performance (low-latency) tracking of a wide variety of devices, including inertial, ultra-sonic, electro-magnetic, mechanical, and optical technologies.  All tracking software items can be purchased online.
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