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Audio Components
A/D & D/A Converters, Amplifiers, etc.
All GoldSeries audio vectorization servers include analog input and output peripherals. In most cases, this I/O capability can be expanded to fulfill most application needs. AuSIM offers a broad variety of professional audio components to expand and fine-tune the functionality of the servers, as well as the rest of your audio facility.

Many of these components can be ordered online.
Headphone Amplifiers
As in all systems and processes, the final delivery is the most critical. For presenting binaural audio, headphone selection is critical. The final stage before headphone selection (see separate headphone page) is the amplifier. A high-power amplifier is critical for several reasons, chief of which are 1) high-fidelity headphones have high-impedance requiring a strong signal to get a given sound pressure level, 2) the dynamic range of audio simulation requires that signal headroom be reserved, and 3) the low-level setting requires an excellent signal-to-noise ratio through the amplifier. AuSIM systems need to be configurable for a wide variety of applications. The AuSIM-selected headphone amplifiers provide that flexibility.
Microphone Pre-Amplifiers
The base configuration for each GoldSeries product does not contain any microphones or pre-amplifiers. These are critical components for many audio simulation applications, especially voice communications. AuSIM has selected for resale several configurations of mic pre-amplifiers at various appropriate value points.
A variety of additional studio-quality audio components are available to round out a system design, including patch panels, mixers, special-effects generators, and power amplifiers.
AD/DA Converters
AuSIM's generic term for an external device for converting analog signals to and from the digital domain is "addabox". AuSIM has standardized on the optical Alesis Digital Audio Tape (ADAT) 8-channel digital interface as its common component interchange. Having the ADC's and DAC's externally isolated from the digital processing is a necessity to maintain the very high signal-to-noise ratios required for the dynamic range of audio simulation. The external isolation also allows easy reconfiguration and end-user upgrades for application-specific requirements. AuSIM continually maintains a variety of addabox selections for resale at the best value for the dollar rate, independent of manufacturer.
RME Audio of Germany is a select manufacturing partner for providing the highest quality analog/digital audio interfaces. RME equipment has proven to be both robust and of the highest performance. As a bonus, RME products are feature-rich, making them incredibly useful in most laboratories and sound studios. AuSIM offers a subset of RME's product line which complements AuSIM's systems in most applications.
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