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3D Audio System Components
Trackers, Headphones, Mics, Pre-Amps, Loudspeakers, Amps, Cables, etc.
To fulfill its role as a total audio simulation solution provider, AuSIM has selected several hardware components to offer to accessorize its customer's audio simulation systems.  Almost all products from AuSIM's partners may be special-ordered with a system or separately. 
Most AuSIM hardware accessories may be purchased on-line To see the line card of vendors distributed by AuSIM. 
Position Trackers
Instrumentation that can sense the position and/or orientation of objects with some defined volume.  Unlike global positioning systems (GPS) which have a virtually unlimited working volume, long latency, low sampling rate, and course resolution, AuSIM's position trackers feature resolution and accuracy in the millimeter range and sampling at interactive rates.  Tracking encompasses a range of technology solutions, including electromagnetic, ultrasonic, optical, and inertial. Each technology has advantages and disadvantages, and AuSIM supports and supplies a broad spectrum of solutions from multiple partners ... LEARN MORE

No matter which position tracking technology or instrument is chosen, AuSIM's tracking software, AuTrak™, provides high performance data to any associated application ... LEARN MORE

Cables and Converters
All kinds of quality interconnects allow AuSIM products to work with your existing system.  To maintain the best analog audio quality, most analog components utilize balanced cables, which allow excellent common-mode noise rejection.  ADAT optical cables, microphone cables, snakes, connectors, and coax cables are also offered.  ... LEARN MORE

Headphones & Headsets
High-quality headphones are a necessity to get the full effect of the vectorized audio generated by AuSIM's GoldServer systems.  AuSIM has a long-standing relationship with Sennheiser, who manufactures what are arguably the best headphones and headsets in the world. AuSIM has selected specific wired and wireless models to offer with our systems to meet specific user needs.   Like headphones, headsets are the link between the listener and the audio source. In addition, headsets incorporate a microphone for two-way communications. As with headphones (above), AuSIM has selected models from Sennheiser to support this environment ... LEARN MORE

Audio Peripherals
AuSIM's systems operate in the digital domain, while the "real-world" is analog.  All GoldServers supply a complete start-up system for the customer to begin exploring vectorized audio immediately, including analog-to-digital converters and digital-to-analog converters, with an amplifier for the headphones.  Often, additional components are necessary to customize a system to the user's exact needs.  AuSIM uses quality products from the commercial music marketplace, and we recommend these for customers who need to expand their system.  ... LEARN MORE

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