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Acoustic Measurement Systems
Tools for Research and Measurement
Even AuSIM's audio simulation is only as good as the model parameters within the simulation.  For AuSIM, deriving optimal model parameters begins with studying the acoustic world around us.  The AuSIM3Dtm display systems synthesize a virtual aural environment from parameters based on the physical world.  But the same techniques can be applied to reverse the process and extract parameters from the physical world to use for later synthesis.

AuSIM provides two products developed for the audio professional to allow accurate and efficient measurement of modeling parameters.  AuProbetm is an extension to the GoldSeries audio servers for generic audio measurement. The HeadZaptm system, which incorporates AuProbe, specifically measures Acoustic Head Maps.
AuSIM's AuProbe system is a multi-source, multi-sink audio system identification instrument.  AuProbe is designed and sold as either a complete hardware/software system extension of the GoldSeries audio simulation systems, creating an audio instrument and workstation, or as software only. 

AuSIM has specially designed and produced a loudspeaker for emitting broad-spectrum, linear test signals from a near point source, with very flat spectral and phase characteristics.  The loudspeaker, called the AuSIM AuProbe Emitter pictured here, demonstrates far-field characteristics at very short distances.

HeadZap is a commercially available acoustic measurement system designed to measure HRTFs.  It is an essential tool for hearing research, virtual auditory environment modeling, and 3D sound simulation.  Capturing a complete map of acoustic measurements for a specific individual is fast and easy and can be performed in untreated rooms. ... LEARN MORE HeadZap System
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