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Product Questions
What are AuSIM's products? AuSIM provides combination hardware/software solutions to meet simulation needs, and can provide custom engineering work to integrate its products with a customer's existing system.  Please see the GoldSeries pages for a more detailed specification of our current products ... LEARN MORE
What IS AuSIM3D® AuSIM3D® is a set of three complex mathematical models all based on the physics of sound waves:>
  • radiation away from the emitter (source model)
  • transmission through an acoustic environment (environment model)
  • entry into a human's ear canals (listener model)
These models depend on run-time parameters to synthesize the correct spatial cues to be applied to each discrete sound in the environment.  In real-time, AuSIM3D® gathers dynamic acoustic properties, 3D position, and 3D orientation of all objects to drive the emitter, environment, and listener models.  The models compute the unique signature for each sound as a composition of level changes (gain), time changes (phase), and frequency changes (color). 
How much does AuSIM3D® cost? AuSIM offers its AuSIM3D® technology as several “commercial-off-the-shelf” (COTS) systems specifically designed for application developers and researchers. In many circumstances, these COTS systems also fit all requirements for deployed systems. Ranging in price based on capability, these systems start at around $10K and include all peripheral devices from headphones and head trackers to analog to D/A and A/D converters. Contact an AuSIM sales representative if your application will require multiple systems as you may be eligible for a quantity discount or qualify for our mass deployment-licensing plan.
How many sound sources are supported? Dependent on the system and the application, AuSIM systems can scale to support thousands of sound sources. See details on our GoldSeries audio servers to get the latest spec on sound sources for those commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) systems ... LEARN MORE
How many listeners does AuSIM3D® support? The number of listeners supported is dependent on the system and the number of stereo outputs it comes with (a left and a right for each listener). Current GoldSeries systems support multiple listeners who each listen to their own 3D environment. These environments can be programmatically duplicated for each listener to emulate one single 3D environment for all listeners.
Does AuSIM3Dtm support both live and canned (pre-recorded) audio?

GoldSeriestm systems come with an archive of wave files, and the user can add more. The systems also have input devices for analog or digital audio streams that can be piped directly into the 3D sound environment.
Can AuSIM3D® be wireless? AuSIM3D® can incorporate a variety of hardware platforms; depending on the sound quality required and the system complexity. Therefore it is possible to run on mobile/wireless systems that are inherently lightweight and wearable.
Can I move sound sources graphically? AuSIM’s latest suite of software, AuStudioPro, can provide a tool to drag around graphics in a 3D environment. Contact us for details on the release of this exciting product. 
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