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Development System for Audio Simulation
AuSIM GoldSeries 3D audio systems are integrated packages for serving AuSIM3D® audio-vectorizing technology as an aural-display peripheral to almost any client computing platform.  The GoldMiner™ configuration is specifically designed for flexibility, as may be required for application development, research, and high-capacity applications.
GoldMiner Audio Vectorization Server
GoldMiner Audio Vectorizing Server
Options are actually optional, and not necessary to build a useful system
Broadly Applicable Options Easily configured for a wide variety of applications
Flexible Architecture Single system can be used in multiple research projects
"Virtually” Expandable Several GoldMiners can be clock-synchronized to create much larger servers
Elegant API Allows the widest range of simulation options for research in many aural aspects
Higher-level programming than with DSPs Changes in simulation code require less time and resources
Applications developed on one system can easily migrate to a non-identical system
Affordable alternative Much less expensive than DSP systems of similar performance
AuSIM's GoldMinertm is a completely functional system with the features most commonly needed in an R&D environment.  It is field-upgradable and will run current and planned features of AuSIM3Dtm technology.

A standard GoldMinertm contains one AuSIM3Dtm vectorizing processor, twelve hundred seconds of audio buffering memory, eight balanced audio inputs and outputs, sixteen digital audio I/O streams (eight used), a patch panel, headphones and isolated amplifier, and a head orientation tracker.  Upgrades and options, shown below, are available to configure a GoldMiner to precisely match your application requirements.

A dual-processor version, AuS102, provides computing power for applications using a very large number of sound sources (over 128), 16 or more listeners sharing common sources, eight or more tracked listeners, or other combinations requiring more horsepower than a single-processor GoldMiner can provide.  In addition, for extreme applications, multiple single- or dual-processor GoldMiners can be synchronized into a single audio simulation server.

  AuS101 GoldSolo Audio Vectorization Server
  AuS101-ST GoldSolo without tracker
  AuS102 GoldDual Audio Vectorization Server
  AuS102-ST GoldDual without tracker


    Download Low-Res (564 KB)
    Download High-Res (1879 KB)
  • Multiple AuSIM3Dtm Processors - Second processor available for additional signal sources or independent listeners, or more-complex applications
  • Tracking - Standard head-orientation tracker can be upgraded or deleted
  • Headphones and headsets - Wide variety of circumaural, studio, & wireless designs, with and without microphones, most with tracker compatibility
  • Multiple Listeners - Additional headphones and amplifiers; up to 16 listeners with one AuSIM3Dtm processor, or 32 listeners with two processors
  • Expanded Analog I/O - 24-bit analog channels can be added in blocks of 8 input and 8 output; upgradeable to 96 KHz
  • Expanded Audio Buffer Memory - to over 10,000 seconds!
  • AuProbe - Extension of GoldMiner to extract physical world parameters
  • HeadZap - Tool to measure Acoustic Head Maps (HRTF datasets)
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