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A feature interactive experience first presented for the Emerging Technologies venue at Siggraph 2000,
in New Orleans, 23-28 July 2000.
Imagine standing in the middle of a music mix, quite literally!  Your aural environment reacts to your every move, to the things you look at and things you say. 
InTheMix employs real-time, digital computation of 3D sound-field models to synthesize an aural environment for presentation over headphones.  The aural environment reacts to the listener's interest, inferred from the listener's position and orientation relative to the sounds they hear.  The content of InTheMix grabs the attention of participants with a variety of context-dependent sound-effects and voices, but evolves to a selection of original multi-track music according the participant's interest.  Each track of the music represents an instrument or vocalist, with an independent dynamic position and orientation in the sound space. 

The listener is allowed to roam a physical free range of a 2-meter radius.  If listeners venture past the edge of the virtual space, voices and sounds encourage them to return. 

InTheMix is most effective to visually dominant participants when visually impaired by blindfold or darkness.  While each node of InTheMix may be compelling on its own, several nodes can be linked to form a shared environment for remote participants.  Microphones in the headsets allow participants in remote nodes to communicate and share their experience as if they were physically in the same space.  The Siggraph 2000 experience in Emerging Technologies featured three InTheMix nodes. 

The InTheMix project involved a diverse team of very talented individuals, some leading edge (and bleeding edge) technology, and came to fruition over a period of nine years. For a detailed description and history of this fascinating project, visit the pages below.

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Overview if the InTheMix project  [This page]
InTheMix is interactive, where the participant can control how he relates to both the environment and the application.
Samples of InTheMix subject matter, plus some technical background.
InTheMix represents a Point Of Departure for listeners, for artists, and for active participants ... see how.
A chronicle of the idea's growth from 1991 to 2000.
Details of the innovations and products used in the production.
InTheMix is the creation of artists, engineers, programmers, producers, managers, and an architect. Meet them.
A printable brochure describing InTheMix is available in PDF format   ... InTheMixBrochure.pdf
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