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A feature interactive experience first presented for the Emerging Technologies venue at Siggraph 2000,
in New Orleans, 23-28 July 2000.
For a sample of the talent and humor of InTheMix's team, check-out this MP3 selection by RST called "We're Not" (1.8MB).  This excerpt is a standard stereo mix, not binaural.

For our first sample of fresh original InTheMix content, listen to this binaural MP3 excerpt by RST called "CubanMan" (2.4MB).
While you're listening ...
Imagine yourself on a Cuban beach.  From a distance you hear a group of musicians approaching you.  Two eccentric percussionists walk up to you with their maracas and start circling you.  Meanwhile, the sound of a distant voice and mallets can be heard echoing in the forest.  A group of singers appear from behind the trees.  They move closer until you feel immersed in their song.  The Cuban man sings his story.
This "CubanMan" snippet was mastered using AuSIM3D® audio simulation techniques and demonstrates movement of the instruments around the listener.  In the interactive InTheMix experience, the listener's movement influences the mixture of the music.

Now listen to our second sample of fresh original InTheMix content titled "XXOO" (aka "Kisses and Hugs").  It's an upbeat, danceable country ditty that will get your feet tapping in the InTheMix interactive experience.  This excerpt is a standard stereo mix, not binaural.  Play it loud on your loudspeakers.
Original watercolor by John Tindel ... "InTheMix"

Some hints on playing MP3's:
You will need an MP3 player.  MusicMatch, QuickTime4, RealPlayer, and WinAmp are all good players.  Internet Explorer seems to have problems with MP3 files.  If you have trouble simply clicking on the MP3, try right clicking and choosing "Save Link As".
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What is binaural?
Binaural audio is designed to be displayed directly into your ears, and not propagate across a room where each ear could hear sound designed for the other ear.  Therefore, binaural audio should be heard through headphones.   The best type of headphones are "circumaural" headphones which encompass your ears, helping position the headphones consistently over your ears.
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