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reCREate Specifications
Details for the GoldSeries 3D Audio Server
AuSIM Audio Simulation Engine
single AuSIM3Dtm processor
supports 16 sound sources
supports one listener; expandable to 4
supports custom minimum-phase HRTF filters up to 128-taps
audio buffering memory: 400 seconds, expandable to 20 minutes
Analog/Digital I/O
eight (8) analog input channels, 24-bit resolution
eight (8) analog output channels, 24-bit resolution
single-channel balanced headphone amplifier
one RS-232 client interface
High-fidelity, specifically equalized, open-circumaural headphones
InterSense InterTrax2 inertial-based head-orientation tracker
Pre-installed, royalty-free library of over 600 wavefile samples
Four sample listener filtersets (HRTF filters)
System, server, renderer, and client software licenses
Manuals, internal cables, and RS-232 null-modem cable to client computer
Server console: keyboard, pointing device, and monitor
localization: 8 concurrent sources @ 44.1 KHz sample rate, 8 concurrent sources @ 48 KHz sample rate
pitch: 20-500% shift control for all sources
dynamic update rate: better than 120 Hz
analog input: 128X oversampled, 24 bit A/D converters
analog output: 8X oversampled, interpolating filters
stereo crosstalk: 100dBV @ 100Hz, 80dBV @ 1kHz, 60dBV @ 10kHz
HD250 headphones and IC2 tracker
Professional headphones with included tracker
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