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GoldSeries 3D Audio Servers
AuSIM3D® Aural-Display Peripherals
AuSIM offers a growing number of prepackaged configurations, designed to meet a broad spectrum of R&D and deployment needs.  These standard packages are generically called GoldSeries, and have a range of options to tune them to the needs of a specific project. If none of these are appropriate to your application, AuSIM will gladly develop a custom package for your specialized needs.

For a assistance in comparing the features and capabilities of the various models within the GoldSeries, look at our Comparison Matrix.
AuSIM_GoldMiner Vectorization Server GoldMiner™
The GoldMiner is a highly expandable system for laboratory-oriented applications, including headphones and a head-position tracker.  GoldMiner is a completely functional system with the features most commonly needed in an R&D environment. It is field-upgradable and will run current and planned features of AuSIM3DTM. AuSIM offers maintenance options with the GoldMiner which guarantee maximum performance while in the field ... LEARN MORE
RollingNugget for positional audio RollingNugget™
Specifically developed for projects where work must be accomplished "on-the-road", the RollingNugget is optimized for portability.  A completely functional system, it incorporates smaller components which can be easily packed up and transported ... LEARN MORE
AuSIM reCREate - replacement for CRE systems reCREate™
Designed for drop-in replacement of the popular Acoustetron2 localization server from Crystal River Engineering.  The reCREate platform meets and exceeds every specification of the Acoustetron2, at a lower price point.  Like all GoldSeries products, it is software upgradeable and will support most of the AuSIM3DTM features in development ... LEARN MORE
Custom and Semi-Custom Systems
Any of these standard systems can be modified to meet your specific needs if your performance requirements are significantly above or below the design specifications of a standard package. A broad range of solutions are possible within the existing architecture, from multiple, linked GoldMiners to a wearable design. Please contact AuSIM for details.
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