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Replacement / Upgrade for Popular
Crystal River Engineering Acoustetron2
AuSIM GoldSeries 3D audio systems are integrated packages for serving AuSIM3D® audio-vectorizing technology as an aural-display peripheral to almost any client computing platform.  The reCREate™ model is specifically designed for compact compatibility, especially for installations depending on Crystal River Engineering Acoustetron™ servers. 
reCREate Audio Vectorization Server
reCREate Audio Vectorization Server
Direct replacement Hardware and software compatible with CRE Acoustetron2
Elegant API Allows the widest range of simulation options for research in many aural aspects
Higher-level programming than with DSPs Changes in simulation code require less time and resources
Portable software Applications developed on one system can easily migrate to a non-identical system
Affordable alternative Much less expensive than original Acoustetron2 or newer DSP systems of similar performance
Compact Package Small, unified chassis can be easily relocated
AuSIM's reCREatetm is a drop-in replacement, and a performance upgrade, for the Acoustetron2 localization server from Crystal River Engineering.  The reCREate platform meets and exceeds every specification of the Acoustetron2, at a lower price.  Many Acoustetron and Acoustetron2 systems are still in use, and many, many man-years of software development have gone into their use.  For researchers and developers who need more performance or must replace a deceased system, the reCREate is an ideal solution.

In an effort to minimize costs, the reCREate has fewer expansion options than any other model in the GoldSeries.  However, like all AuSIM systems, it is software upgradeable and will support most of the AuSIM3D tm features in development.  A reCREate system contains one AuSIM3Dtm rendering processor, four hundred seconds of audio buffering memory, eight 24-bit audio input and eight 24-bit audio output channels, one RS-232 client interface, high quality headphones, and a head-orientation tracker.
AuS111 reCREate Audio Vectorization Server
AuS111-ST reCREate without tracker


    Download Low-Res (536 KB)
    Download High-Res (2294 KB)
  • Tracking - Standard head-orientation tracker can be upgraded or deleted
  • Headphones and headsets - Wide variety of circumaural, studio, & wireless designs, with and without microphones, most with tracker compatibility
  • Multiple Listeners - Additional headphones and amplifiers; up to 4 listeners
  • Rack-Mount - The small reCREate chassis and associated equipment can be modified to the rack-mount configuration shown
  • Expanded Audio Buffer Memory - to over 20 minutes!
  • AuProbe - Extension of GoldMiner to extract physical world parameters
  • HeadZap - Tool to measure Acoustic Head Maps (HRTF datasets)
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