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3D Loudspeaker Array System
AuSIM3D® Vectsonic™ loudspeaker arrays are currently installed in six facilities, spanning the US.  The table below summarizes each installation's loudspeaker count with links to more details below. 

Facility Location Opened Size Satellites Mains Subs
SE Research PA Palo Alto, CA 7 Dec 2006 2.0 m 20K&H M51 10K&H O110 2K&H O800
ARL EAR Sphere Aberdeen, MD 24 Mar 2008 2.5 m 57Meyer MM4XP 0  4Genelec 7060B
NASA LaRC EER Hampton, VA 13 Oct 2009 3.0 m 27K&H O300 0  4K&H O900
ARL EAR ListenLab Aberdeen, MD 7 Feb 2010 2.0 m 0  14Genelec 8030A 2Genelec 7060B
ARL EAR DistHall Aberdeen, MD 18 Aug 2010 3.2 m 60Meyer MM4XP 4JBL VP7315 0 
MST LWI Rolla, MO 3 Nov 2010 4.5 m 46Meyer MM4XP 14Mackie HR824mk2 4M-Audio SBX10

Sennheiser Research Lab -- Palo Alto, CA
The Sennheiser array is a three-quarters spherical array with the sphere equator at nominal seated listening height of one meter.  The sphere radius is 2 meters, while the overhead satellites are at 3 meters height.  This array has gone through many configurations as the development display for Vectsonic. 

The final configuration consists of 4 horizontal rings, plus a top satellite, in a 5-12-6-6-1 configuration.  The satellites cover down to 200 Hz.  The mains on the horizontal plane cover down to 80 Hz.  Digital signals are driven through MADI glass-fiber to RME's ADI-8QS digital-analog-converters (DAC's). 

EAR Sphere Room
US Army Research Lab -- Aberdeen, MD
ARL's Environment for Auditory Research (EAR) is a brand-new state-of-the-art facility.  The Sphere Room is an elevated 2.5 meter radius full-sphere with a single-listening chair lifted into position on an elevator.  The Sphere Room was designed for psycho-perceptual research, not for a Vectsonic installation.  Never the less, Vectsonic demonstrations and scenarios are the dominate use of the facility today. 

The configuration consists of 5 horizontal rings, plus a top satellite, in a 8-12-16-12-8-1 configuration.  The Meyer Sound MM-4XP loudspeaker was designed and created specifically for this facility.  The satellites cover down to 100 Hz.  Digital signals are driven through MADI coax to RME's ADI-8DS digital-analog-converters (DAC's). 

Exterior Effects Room
NASA Langley Research Center -- Hampton, VA
AuSIM's Vectsonic 3D loudspeaker array is the centerpiece of freshly refurbished EER auditorium.  The EER Vectsonic system consists of 27 Klein & Hummel O300 sealed 3-way satellite loudspeakers and 4 Klein & Hummel O900 subwoofers.  The satellites are sealed 3-way reference monitors with 8" woofers, self-powered with tri-amplifiers at 435 Watts.  The subwoofers are ported dual 12" drivers, powered by PowerSoft DIGAM K8 amplifiers at 1500 Watts per channel.  The frequency response of the system is 15 Hz to 24 kHz, delivering at least 90 dB SPL from any single satellite to the listening position across all frequencies. 
EAR Listening Laboratory
US Army Research Lab -- Aberdeen, MD
The Listening Lab of ARL's Environment for Auditory Research (EAR) is the most flexible research space in the brand-new state-of-the-art facility.  The Listening Lab's 16 Genelec loudspeakers are most often configured in a single-configuration that covers all common surround setups, including 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, and 10.2 surround. 

Digital signals are driven through MADI glass-fiber to RME's ADI-8DS digital-analog-converters (DAC's). 

EAR Distance Hall
US Army Research Lab -- Aberdeen, MD
The Distance Hall affords very flexible configurations.  Three parallel ceiling rails run the length of the 80' x 20' hall.  On each rail are 12 folding/extending structures, each to hold 5 loudspeakers in an arbitrary orientation.  Most recently Vectsonic was used to configure a 60 node sound wall.  The first experiment was to determine the best 2D node triangulations to display arbitrary height horizontal trajectories. 
MST LWI Simulator
Missouri University of Science & Technology -- Rolla, MO
The MST LWI training simulator is the largest and most ambitious Vectsonic installation to date.  LEARN MORE

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