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MATLAB® Solutions
AuSIM Software Designed for MATLAB Users
AuSIM's MATLAB software solutions deliver toolkits, programming interfaces, data management, data analysis, and data visualization functionality for audio simulation, audio system identification, motion-tracking, perceptual audio, and human-subject research applications.  . 
MATLAB® is a high-level language and interactive environment produced by The Mathworks in Natick, MA that enables engineers and scientists to setup and perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++, and Fortran. 

MATLAB dates back to the 1970's but first introduced as a product in 1984.  The predecessors of AuSIM products first leveraged MATLAB in 1992 with MATLAB v4 (Release 7).  Some AuSIM software still supports MATLAB v4.2, most all at least support back to v5.3.  All the software on this page has been updated and tested to work with at least MATLAB v7.5 (R2007b). 

Common acronyms in the software descriptions below include:
  • DLL: Dynamic-Link Library
  • API: Application Programming Interface
  • GUI: Graphical User Interface


MATLAB®, the L-shaped membrane logo, and MathWorks® are registered trademarks of The Mathworks Inc.  Signal Processing Toolbox™ is a common trademark of The MathWorks Inc.

CreMatLib is a MATLAB-optimized C-interface DLL wrapped around the CRETRON Client API for controlling an AuSIM GoldServer from within MATLAB. 

CreMatLib was originally created by an AuSIM customer and contributed back to the AuSIM3D community. 

AuTrakMatlab is a MATLAB toolbox and API for acquiring tracking data into MATLAB.  The toolbox contains applets for streaming, recording, and replaying data, along with a 3D visualizer.  The MATLAB API reaches out of MATLAB through a C-interface DLL to the AuTrakASync client for the lowest latency mechanism for streaming real-time instrument data into host memory. 
AuProbe encompasses a set of MATLAB functions, scripts, and applets with the central focus on sample-synchronized, concurrent acoustic excitement and response.  AuProbe, short for audio probe, connects to ASIO or Microsoft MME digital audio devices via a MATLAB MEX DLL. 

AuProbe is a foundation component to HeadZap and CalVal

HeadZap is a toolkit with a main-component GUI wizard that semi-automates the process of capturing geometric samplings of Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) about a human or mannekin subject.  HeadZap relies on and includes AuProbe and AHMTools. 
AHMTools is a MATLAB applet and toolbox containing a couple dozen functions leveraging MATLAB's Signal Processing Toolbox and advanced plotting functions for manipulating and visualizing the filters and geometry within Acoustic Head Maps (AHM), Acoustic Filter Maps (AFM), and Equalization Filters (EQF).  The toolbox employs MEX functions leveraging common C++ library formatting, load, and error-management of filter map files. 
The HRTFDevKit provides a database of 20 public domain HRTF datasets and the tools to view, analyze, audition, manipulate, and extract data at a low level.  The HRTFDevKit is designed for product developers embedding HRTF processing into their products.  The HRTFDevKit is positioned a product between AHMTools and HeadZap. 
VectsonicTools are a suite of MATLAB applications to facilitate the creation of AuSIM3D Vectsonic transfer function map files for displaying 3D audio over loudspeaker arrays.  The main applications are vectGeometry, vectConfig, vectVerify, and an extended version of AHMTools for multi-sink transfer functions. 
TGFMat is a MATLAB toolbox around the TGF processor.  "TGF" is short for "Time-Gain-Filter".  All digital signal processing can be defined by manipulations of time (delay or phase), gain (level), and filter (spectrum).  Generically defined, a filter includes phase and gain, but AuSIM separates them for independent manipulation.  The TGF processor dynamically applies a time-history of time, gain, and filter to a designated signal. 
ChnlMgr2Mat interfaces synchronous multi-channel streaming audio to and from AuSIM's ChannelManager and AuMatrixMixer utilities.  ChnlMgr2Mat leverages the ChnlMgrAPI C DLL, embellishing it with higher-level functions such as cmAnalyze (a multi-channel signal analyzer), cmRecord (a multi-channel wavefile recorder), and cmMeter (a multi-channel Vu peak/rms meter).
CalVal is a GUI-wizard interface to thirteen MATLAB GUI applets for stepping a user through the process of precision calibration and calibration-validation on complex arrays of audio transducers.  The applets provide various specialized utilities such as defining loudspeaker cross-overs, defining the entire signal routing to each transducer, and measuring RT60 and SNR.  CalVal leverages the MATLAB Signal Processing Toolbox for advanced signal analysis and visualization techniques. 
PromptResponse is a client-server system for human-subject researchers to prompt users visually, audibily, verbally, or other excitation and elicit a response through a variety of sensors.  PromptResponse works remotely over TCP/IP which supports wireless communication to isolated subjects.  The client-side features a MATLAB interface for driving parts of or the entire experiment from MATLAB.  Data accummulation within MATLAB allows real-time, incremental analysis and data visualization while the subject is in session. 
Localize is a psycho-acoustic human localization experiment framework within MATLAB that utilizes any loudspeaker array, including AuSIM3D Vectsonic systems.  The framework includes three comprehensive GUI panels: setup, runtime, and analysis.  All data is collected in MATLAB and stored to either MAT-files or Excel-compatible CSV-files.  Localize integrates the AuSIM PromptResponse client-server system for eliciting subject responses. 
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