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Portable Demonstration System for Audio Simulation
AuSIM GoldSeries 3D audio systems are integrated packages for serving AuSIM3D® audio-vectorizing technology as an aural-display peripheral to almost any client computing platform.  The RollingNugget™ configuration is specifically designed for portability, but with most of the capability of the GoldMiner™.  Most RollingNugget owners have successful GoldMiner applications, but must frequently move the resource or take demonstrations on the road. 
RollingNugget Audio Vectorization Server
RollingNugget Audio Vectorization Server
Complete solution Options are actually optional, and not necessary to build a useful system
Portable System Can be easily moved to remote sites or between departments
Flexible Architecture Single system can be used in multiple research projects
Elegant API Allows the widest range of simulation options for research in many aural aspects
Higher-level programming than with DSPs Changes in simulation code require less time and resources
Portable software Applications developed on one system can easily migrate to a non-identical system
Affordable alternative Much less expensive than DSP systems of similar performance
AuSIM's RollingNugget is a portable audio vectorizing system with the features most commonly needed in an R&D environment.  It will run current and planned features of AuSIM3Dtm technology.

A RollingNugget is based on a high-end laptop computer, connected to separate headphone amplifier and analog I/O units. The headphones integrate an advanced head-orientation tracker.  As the RollingNugget is intended for rougher-than-normal use, a hard-sided travel case with fitted foam is provided for the complete system.

Upgrades and options, shown below, are available to configure a RollingNugget to precisely match your application requirements.
  AuS121 RollingNugget Audio Vectorization
  AuS121-ST RollingNugget without tracker


    Download Low-Res (575 KB)
    Download High-Res (1879 KB)
  • Tracking - Standard head-orientation tracker can be upgraded or deleted
  • Headphones and headsets - High quality headphones are standard, but can be deleted or upgraded with a wide variety of circumaural, studio, or wireless designs with or without microphones, most designed for tracker compatibility
  • Multiple Listeners - Additional headphones and amplifiers; up to 4 listeners
  • Travel Case - Soft-side cases for use when the hard case is not necessary
  • Expanded Analog I/O - Up to a maximum of twenty-six analog channels
  • Expanded Audio Buffer Memory - To over 72 minutes!
  • AuProbe - Extension of GoldMiner to extract physical world parameters
  • HeadZap - Tool to measure Acoustic Head Maps (HRTF datasets)
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