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Technical Assistance
Technical manuals and code for AuSIM hardware and software products
Available online system technical documents
GoldServer System "Getting Started" Guide (pdf - 220k)
      (Version for WinXP embedded OS with HDSP audio subsystem)
GoldServer System "Getting Started" Guide (pdf - 105k)
      (Version for Win2K embedded OS with Digi audio subsystem)
2001 GoldServer Manual and Programmers Guide (pdf - 580k) DOWNLOAD
CRE Acoustetron II Manual (pdf - 420k) DOWNLOAD
GoldServ Monitor Reference Guide (pdf - 307k) DOWNLOAD
Available online software technical documents:
GoldServer Software "Getting Started" Guide (pdf - 323k) DOWNLOAD
Nordjorvik User Guide (pdf - 190k) DOWNLOAD
Theodolite User Guide (pdf - 182k) DOWNLOAD
Available online application programming interface (API) documents:
CRE_TRON API Quick Reference Guide (size 43k) DOWNLOAD
CRE_TRON API Datasheet (Screen-version, pdf - 526k) DOWNLOAD
CRE_TRON API Datasheet (Print-version, pdf - 983k) DOWNLOAD
CRE_TRON client C-programming header files
CRE_TRON.h General CRE_TRON API declarations DOWNLOAD
CRE_WAVE.h CRE_TRON wave-file API declarations DOWNLOAD
AuAHMhdr.h AHM header format structure DOWNLOAD
AuAHMF.h AHM header access class DOWNLOAD
ATRON.h CRE_TRON structures and definitions DOWNLOAD
Au_util.h AuSIM client utility classes DOWNLOAD
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