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AHM Tools
Software Supporting the AHM File-Format
AuSIM has developed software, both open and commercial, for managing, manipulating data stored in the AHM File-Format

Published Code
The following C/C++ source codes are freely downloadable and distributable.  AuSIM maintains these codes as the published reference for the AHM/EQF/AFM specification standard. 

  • AuAHMhdr.h
    The defacto specification for the AHM File-Format.  The C-header file defines the file-header structures and enumerations. 
  • AuAHMF .h / .cpp
    AuSIM's convenient C++ class for setting and getting values in the AHM/EQF/AFM file header, as defined by AuAHMhdr.h.
  • AuAHMErrorCodes .h / .cpp
    A C++ class defining error codes and error strings associated with the AuAHMF class. 
The codes may be modified or distributed only if the copyright notice (Copyright AuSIM, Incorporated) is not disturbed and any modification is delineated by comments identifying the modifying author. 

Any modification to the AuAHMhdr.h may not be compatible with the standard.  Modications to the standard specification may be suggested/proposed to AuSIM, and, if accepted, will be republished with credit to the proposer. 

Open Tools
The following MATLAB-dependent software toolbox is freely downloadable and distributable.  AuSIM maintains these tools to promote the AHM/EQF/AFM standard. 

    AHMIO is a MATLAB External (MEX) function that reads and writes header and data to AHM File-Format files.  AHMIO is directly based on the AuAHMF C++ class.  The MEX files are accompanied with several MATLAB auxillary support functions. 
  • AHMhrtf / DTFviz / DTFwaterfall
    The AHMhrtf MATLAB function extracts a single or array of transfer functions from a specified AHM/EQF/AFM file, based on a given bearing or array of bearings.  The DTF MATLAB functions visualize directional-transfer-functions (DTF) either as a single function (DTFviz) or as an array of functions (DTFwaterfall), taking as input the output from AHMhrtf. 
  • AHMTools GUI
    The AHMTools GUI is a MATLAB graphical user interface encompassing all of the above. 
  • AHMInfo Applet
    AHMInfo is a tabbed MS Windows applet to browse AHM file metadata. 
MATLAB® is a registered trademark of The Mathworks of Natick, MA.

Commercial Tools
The following software, that create or modify filters stored in AHM/EQF/AFM files, is developed, maintained, and sold by AuSIM.. 

  • HeadZap
    HeadZap controls the entire process of measuring HRTF's in a complete map, processing the directional transfer functions, and storing them in the AHM File-Format. 
  • VectsonicTools
    VectsonicTools controls the process of defining a loudspeaker array, computing the multi-sink transfer functions to each loudspeaker, and storing them in the AHM File-Format. 
  • AHMTools XL
    The AHMTools XL is an extension to the MATLAB AHMTools graphical user interface adding advanced capabilities.  HRTF datasets can be converted to component filter representations via principal component analysis.  Impulse responses can be generated and visualized using a selected subset of the computed components.  The result can be stored in the AHM File-Format. 

Commercial Products
The following software products, is developed, maintained, and sold by AuSIM, utilize filters extracted from AHM/EQF/AFM files.  

  • AuSIM3D
    All products employing AuSIM3D load directional transfer functions from AHM File-Format files via AHMIO.  The products include
  • Rendograph
    Rendograph is AuSIM's most basic tool for auralizing, comparing, and selecting AHM's and EQF's, both binaural and multi-sink. 

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